What a mystery!

Book Review - A Useful Death by Sriram ChellapillaDisclaimer : A paperback copy was provided in exchange of an honest review.Book - A Useful DeathAuthor/(s) - Sriram ChellapillaPublisher - Westland Publications Blurb:Aspiring actress Priya is dead. It’s a suicide, and rumour has it that Anil, son of politician and former Telugu-movie superstar Mohan Krishna, drove her [...]

Be ‘Ease'(y) on yourself!

Book Review - Ease by Mukhpreet Khurana Disclaimer : A paperback copy was provided in exchange of an honest review. Book - Ease : A Poetic Journey Within Author/(s) - Mukhpreet Khurana Publisher - White Falcon Publishing   Blurb: Ease is a poetic journey within. It is an attempt to take a dive deep into [...]

High And Dry

Book Review - High And Dry by Sasmit Powale Blurb - Freedom. Have we really achieved it? Or does it remain an illusion? Suffocating and stagnant. Who dictates our destinies? How pure are their intentions? Is there liberation? Max is a twenty-one- year old literature teacher who wants to take you back to his college [...]

Lights! Scalpel! Romance!

Book Review - Lights! Scalpel! Romance! Book - Lights! Scalpel! Romance! Author(s) - Jas Kohli Publisher - Rupa Publications, India Published - 18 July, 2019 Blurb - Being a surgeon is not easy. And the ones in Nirog Hospital are the best at making it worse. Nipun, the eternal prankster and Nishtha, the strong-headed beauty, [...]