Book: Scattered Constellations.

Author: Ankita Singh

Publisher: Notion Press


Words tumble out, with no pause; from the pen, my anelace, that I hold so graciously, (in awe of its majesty, its power ) in my hand. They form thoughts, hopes and musings; reflect my soul, my entire being, and spread across the page, like scattered constellations across the sky’.

Scattered Constellations is a collection of beautiful short verses poured directly from the heart of a 18 year young poetess.

Initially, I wasn’t much inclined towards reading poetry.(the poems in our textbooks never developed the interest). But after reading this book, I was opened to a new; a completely scenic world of poetry. I’d like to thank Ankita for this.

Coming to the verses, I had fun going through them. The way she has curated every word, every line, and a complete poem, –makes every thing come alive in front of the reader’s eye. Every word gives you a feel– that’s what I liked the most of her poems. She has added a tinge of emotions to each and every poem highlighting a lot of worldly perks, thus making it a treasure for everyone.

There is definitely something for everyone!

Right from the feel of ‘Your Embrace‘ & ‘Hey princess‘s to the morals from the ‘Old self‘s to the crystal clearness of ‘Perfect‘, to the fear of ‘Rejection‘-everything makes this book an un-put-downable book.

Thank you Ankita for sharing your heart and gifting something to everyone.! I wish all the best to this prolific & budding poetess for all her incredible contributions to the world of poetry!
My Views : It’s a very well written poetry book, apt for beginners! I personally enjoyed going through each lively poems.

My Ratings : 5 🌟

Recommendation :
I definitely recommend this for those who aren’t much inclined towards poetry. Mark my words, give it a read and you will fall in love with poetry!

Buy Link:

Scattered Constellations: A Poetry Collection

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