A light yet profound collection of musings!

Book Review : Nomad and his Rhymes

Disclaimer:An ebook was provided in exchange of an honest Review.
Book:Nomad and his rhymes
Author: Aashiesh Agarwaal
Publisher: Notion Press
Pages: Can be read in one sitting

Starting with my favorite prose from the book!

“The moon shone
Bright that night…
And the poetry?
It just happened”

Nomad and his rhymes is the magic which came out of a Rotarian’s wand!

Through his poetry, Aasheish Agrawal has embarked on the journey of TWIN FLAMES!

I really liked the concept of Twin Flames which encapsulates all the poems in the book!

It’s a light poetry book to read in one go, but if given proper time, you will surely experience the profoundness and and the in-depth emotions stuffed into each of the poem.

Initially, I felt some difficulty but as it progressed, it became easier to relate to!

At times, they were heart melting and sometimes exciting!

Best part of the book were the so apt illustrations which for me were the ICING ON THE CAKE-as they paved the correct path in interpreting the poems!
With in all seven sections, the author has very well portrayed the valuable things, two loving souls crave for!

My opinion:

I personally liked the poetry excerpts which are going to be a part of his next book! So, looking forward to read that book too!
A very apt collection of 83 poetry for beginners!

My Ratings: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 /5

Recommendation: Can be understood fairly by a bit mature readers!

Buy Link:

Nomad and His Rhymes : Journey of Twin Flames https://www.amazon.in/dp/1644294192/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_h0RaCbP3S7GBY

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