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Book Review : Once Upon An IAS Exam

A copy was provided by VInfluencers in exchange of an honest review.
Book: Once upon an IAS exam
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Author: K. Vijayakarthikeyan
Pages: A one-sitting book of 138 pages

Vishy’s worst nightmare–failing the upsc’s Civil Services exam– has come true. He is plagued by insecurity, fear and doublts. The mother of all competetive examinationshas rejected him and he needs a reason to live. So, what does he do? He tells his best friend Rithika, ‘I love you… Will you marry me?’


Set in a Tamilian background, Once upon an IAS exam, tries to focus on the hardships, an IAS aspirant faces during his preparations including day-to-day worldly perks!
It is a story of a twenty-five year old Vishy, who fails to qualify the exam in his first attempt and his one-year long struggle to achieve his dream!
Nevertheless, the hero of the story has a girlfriend, maybe the IDEAL-OF KIND, to whom he wants to confess his feelings, but doubts! He befriends some classmates and then they embark upon the journey of Love, Family and IAS exam!

You never know what’s in the book!

You had just started reading a love story and ‘BAM’ !! A new surprise unveils!

Read the book to know more!
Positive points:
✌In a very critical and sarcastical way, the author has questioned the current education system of India, the business these coaching centres run with the only aim of earning enormous amounts of money and faking results, with no attention on the education system!
✌With the blend of all elements of humor,
the book proves out to be a funny read!
✌I would really appreciate the wit of the author owing to the intricacies he has used in the giving details-and that really made me burst into laughter.
✌Through the eyes of Vishy, he has very well sketched ANNA NAGAR, Chennai-aka the IAS coaching hub!- I would love to visit that place!
✌The bitter reality that coaching centres can go to any extent to prove their supremacy over others and that there are only few centres available which give quality teaching has been very well described by the author.
✌Also, the value of family and friends in one’s life is shown through various critical situations.
✌I liked the witty nature of the book which keeps the reader engaged till the end.
✌The book more of sort, focusses on reality rather than storytelling or fiction!
That makes every part of it DAMN RELATABLE ! Any aspirant can relate with the book easily as a lay-man can!
✌Regarding characters, hats off to the author for portraying them so effortlessly! The book has all the characters, we as an aspirant get to see around us-making the text a more real-life based!
Best part was the ATTITUDE of Vishy, that helped him fair well in his life!

Negative points:
😕Though there is ample of humor, critic and sarcasm, the small love story part of the book was very weak!
😕The blurb could have been much more emotion filled rather than simply plain!
😕The book very often, felt like plain,because I felt almost no emotions in the words, though there were many emotional situations! Could have been much better.
😕Idealism in case of Rithika sucks! Because,
already being a part of IT forum, the author has not given much importance to her profession and her dreams! She leaves everything for Vishy, that is what is not acceptable!
😕Like I felt less of a love story, there were no ‘sparks flying’ !
😕Regarding the ending, it was as usual or common! Just the wit of the author kept the reader completely gripped till the very end!
My Opinion:

Initially, it seems to be a love story but as you progress the book changes the lane!

The book is a light funny, humorous read! For me, it was fun re-visiting the era of competitive exam preparations! Everyone can very well relate with the book! You can complete it in one go!
My Ratings:

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 /5
Recommendation: Would recommend as a weekend read!
Thank you Vinfluencers for providing me a copy!

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Once Upon An IAS Exam

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