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Book Review : My Journey with the Enlightened Masters
Book:My Journey With The Enlightened Masters
Publisher: Kharag Warya’s publishing
Author: Khushwant Singh (@eccentric-mystic)


“My journey with Enlightened masters” talks about my experiences I went through when I got the chance to meet these enlightened masters like, Krishna, Mahaveer, Gautam Buddha, Meera, Dadu Dayal, Charandass, Gorakhnath, Jesus Christ, George Gurdjieff, Bheekha ji and many more. I know, you may call me mad but it is ok, because I come to realize how I met these enlightened masters when they were born in different periods and in different countries. Well after practicing Jaati Smarn(A particular meditation in which you can visit your past life experiences) for fifteen years, on a particular fateful night, my life changed forever. This book is not meant for a faint hearted person, instead it is an invitation to all those people who want to experience something that is beyond words. About the author Khushwant Singh is a motivational and management expert by profession, but above all, he is mystic, a self realized man.“My journey with enlightened masters” is his fifth book, after Simple ways to make more money, Unanswered prayers, Untold love stories from India and The struggle of a superwoman.


(All opinions are mine)
My Journey With The Enlightened Masters is a collection of 13 incredible stories, which are basically past life experiences of the author and they try to uplift the messages given by around 16 masters(or say mystics) for the betterment of common people.

Starting from the cover art to the blurb of the book, everything will make you more curious on what’s inside the book!

Regarding the stories, it has 14 chapters out of which 13 are stories and the last one is a message by the author! Each one gives a message for the human kind.

According to me, the best thing about the way he has written is that-

‘People from all walks of the life can relate with the stories’.

Through the stories the author attempts to unfold the fake unconscious life we are living and encourages us to strive hard to achieve eternal bliss through meditation.

The book, basically attempts to highlight the immense importance MEDITATION holds in the life of a person.

My favorites include the very first master-Lord Krishna and Pandit Totapuriji, Ramkrishna Paramhans and the Bawale mystics.

As the author says, you have to keep an open mind and be as much receptive as you can, to imbibe what message is given in each story.

He wants to tell us that there’s a difference between our physical self and our innerself which watches us doing all the karmas.
Secondly, though same messages of focussing on meditation are preached but every enlightened master is totally different at the same time!

Just one thing surely needs attention ⚠ – Initially the reader can very well interconnect the stories but with progression it becomes quite difficult to connect!

My Ratings: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 /5

Recommendation :

I would like to recommend it to everyone esp. youths because they need proper guidance regarding patience, adulthood, and mental health!
Just give it a read with an open mind, forgetting all your assumptions of religion and meditation and tadaa!! You will get a new way of perceiving LIFE as I got!

About the author:

He is a very humble man always ready to clear you doubts.
Thank you for providing me a copy!

Buy Link:

My Journey With The Enlightened masters

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