Book Review: The Code of Manavas by Arpit Bakshi!

Book Review : The Code Of Manavas by Arpit Bakshi, Rupa Publications!

Disclaimer : A copy was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


The Code of Manavas is an amazing Sci-fi book which gives the reader the experiences of reading fantasy, science, mythology and thriller all together in one go!

It is the first part in the Maha Vishnu Trilogy.

The story is set in future, where the Swarnim Yuga has started marking the end of Kali Yuga. It is about Krishna, our protagonist, who discovers an element BHOOMIDIUM, which is instrumental in transforming the Modern Man into highly advanced Manavas!

Basically, this element is the lifeline on Bhoomi (the erstwhile earth) ! Now, the real story unfolds!

The levels of this element are depleting day by day, and our scientist Krishna has got the new mission for finding the safest abode for the then Manavas!

But as usual, there’s a villain in the story who wants to destroy Krishna and subjugate each Manava!

So, what will happen to this new race?

Will Krishna be able to find a safe place in time?

Will this mark the end of Swarnim Yuga?
To unfold the suspense, read the book!

So, the story takes the pick up from here and keeps you totally gripped till the very cliffhanging end.

What is the genre of the book? Is it mythology? Is it scifi? It is a thriller? Kind readers, it is the perfect fusion of the above stated genres!

With a fast-paced and a suspenseful narration, the author has created a fresh, brilliant and a mythology cum technical layout to astonish the reader!

I personally enjoyed the BHOOMIDIUM concept and it is really genius of the author.

The writing style is perfect in all the ways!

The story is set in far future, but it never seemed to be lacking anything! As if the author time-travelled to the future, noted down everything, came back in the present and wrote the book!

The plot is really intriguing and technical!

Secondly, the character development is moderately well written.

The most important thing is the storytelling knack of the author which keeps the reader glued to the book!

The details, are just apt for the layout.

The books flows with ease, with the least disruption. The use of technical terms never broke the flow!

The cover art is marvellous and the title apt for the theme.
The way he has managed to creatively fuse mythology and technology is really commendable!

Definitely a page-turner!

The end is extremely intriguing and leaves you with a cliffhanger!

Also at the end, a glossary has been provided to help you with all the technical terms!

I am really anticipating to read the sequel in this series to unfold the cliffhanger!

Overall, i really enjoyed this refreshing read!

My Ratings: 5 🌟 /5 🌟

Buy this amazing sci-fi thriller here:Maha Vishnu Trilogy: Part I: The Code of Manavas

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