Book Review – City Of My Hearts by Rana Safvi, Hachette India !

Book Review – City Of My Hearts by Rana Safvi, Hachette India

Book: City Of My Hearts, Rana Safvi!

Publisher: Hachette India

Blurb :

This book is a real gem for Indian History lovers.

When the precious history of our ‘Dilli’ was just limited to the vernacular formats, this effort by Rana Safvi holds immense importance in the unfolding of Indian History and can be considered as an important step in the History Studies.

With intricate and rich use of words, the translations honestly take you back to the nineteenth century Delhi, and you start visualising all the events in front of your eyes.

Everything is to the point and apt.

The map given is an icing on the cake for the book and for a history enthusiasts like me it’s Masha Allah’!

A very important message of communal harmony seems to be announced as you finish each chapter.

Some parts where I felt difficulty were the ones with some less editing done. Afterall, as a History book is meant to be, it was written in the same style!

Overall, it is a 5 🌟 read for a history lover like me!

My Ratings: 5 🌟 /5

Buy this historical book here:

City of My Heart: Accounts of Love, Loss and Betrayal in Nineteenth – Century Delhi

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