Book Review : Unlocked Silences by Mukhpreet Khurana #TheBookblogtrain

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Book Review : Unlocked Silences by Mukhpreet Khurana NotionPress !

Disclaimer: A copy was provided by BookGeniePR in exchange of an honest review!


Unlocked Silences is a wonderful collection of poems,abstracts and excerpts based on day-to-day encounters in one’s life.

With the perfect blend of tender emotions and english, he has penned down really appreciable musings!
Especially for me, when i was going through a tough period of understanding terribly tiny tales, Unlocked silences came as a Soothe to me!

Hats off to Khurana, for delivering the message of each poem so effortlessly!
The poems are easy to decipher from, empowering, inspiring and filled with a wide range of emotions!

Writing style is indeed commendable and i can really appreciate the efforts of couple of years he spent curating them for the readers!

Now, i finished it in one sitting, and was left with a mix of emotions, not necessarily positive and encouraging but also depressing! But that’s how life is! Isn’t it? Full of ups and downs!

Secondly, there was some noticeable repitition.

But, overall, it was a wonderful, heart-relaxing read and

the silences we have as an adolescent were indeed magically unlocked!

My Ratings: 4 🌟/5

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