Book Review – ENDURER by Kapil Raj!

Book Review – ENDURER by Kapil Raj!

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Disclaimer – A copy was provided by SmaReview in exchange of an honest review.

Blurb :

Review :
Endurer, this book title and the cover itself explains all what it is going to convey in the pages. The cover is deep and profound if pondered for some time on! The title really puts light on how the victim manages to cope up with the share of bad fate they had to face.

I am in awe with the way the feminine narration has been done by the author.

It is the story of Palak, who despite of having a share of bad fate in her early days, has to face another share of the same in her later days. How she copes up after being a rape victim has really impressed me.

Everything was flawless, the main reason being uplifting this very topic with the much required maturity in the words.

The ending is so different fron what we unfortunately get to see –

“Yes, I was Raped, But instead of dying, I Live it”

– Hats off for this to the author.

No way I am revealing anything in my review. Want all kind readers to give it a read and text me back if you are not left with tears.

My Ratings : 4 🌟 /5

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