My take on Nasteya – The Aryan Saga !

Book Review – Nasteya – The Aryan Saga – By Kirandeep and Nirvan Singh, published by BloomsburyIndia.

Blurb :

Everything he had, everyone he loved is taken away from him. His enemy is mysterious with a hidden, ominous identity. His origin is a puzzle. His purpose is gigantic. The only thing keeping him alive is vengeance.
A journey awaits Nasteya, and it’s the one that will change everything for him – his identity, his motive. There are many unprecedented horrors at every step – troubles bigger than his own. Power shall either corrupt him or redeem him. What will he choose? Will he hold on to his heroic image? Will he be able to unearth the mystery of his origin and that of his enemy?
As time goes by, at each step he discovers what fate has planned for him at every step and that he is just a part of a grand plan, a plan that will ensure he finds all the answers he is looking for.

Review :

Just one phrase suffices for this book – ‘ A Hero’s Journey ‘ .

Nasteya is a book about a boy named Nasteya, who has unfortunately lost all he had and he steps into the vicious cycle of venegeance with his ominous and mysterious enemy.

The book makes the impression on the reader with its simple yet effective narrative, superb character development and lucid storyline which keep you gripped with this fast-paced, adventurous Aryan Saga.

I felt like watching an adventure movie as i was moving through the pages of this book.
Everything was moving damn fast!

Overall, this journey of a Hero has got my admiration!

My Ratings – 4 🌟 /5

You can buy this book here!

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