A journey through your inner self !

Disclaimer : A paperback copy was provided by WritersMelon in exchange of an honest review.

Author(s): Kamlesh Patel ( Daaji) Publisher: Westland Publications
Release: 2019
Genre: Spirituality

Blurb :

What does destiny mean in the course of our lives?

What is fixed and what can change?

How can we design our own destiny?

These are questions that some of the world’s greatest philosophers have asked since time immemorial. In this groundbreaking book, Daaji addresses such questions with simple solutions and practical wisdom. He leads us on to the next stage of the journey after The Heartfulness Way, guiding us on how to use the Heartfulness practices to refine our lifestyle and design our destiny, including our destiny in the afterlife. He elaborates on the subject of consciousness, the role of evolution, and explains what happens to us at the time of birth and deathβ€”and how we can act in those pivotal moments when life takes a turn.

Daaji inspires us to believe in ourselves and find a way forward, no matter what the challenge, and look at even the most difficult situation as an opportunity to grow. He emphasises that, with a few simple practices, a heart full of enthusiasm and an expanded consciousness, we can all discover our potential and the destiny we were born to fulfil.

Review :

Designing Destiny, as the title suggests completely focusses on how self realization and knowing our inner strength and abilities are whole and soul of designing our destiny.

In other words, Kamleshji have made it very clear that if one knows how to aspire for a goal, then he/she indded has the potential to achieve it by diverting the flow of his/her energy in the right direction.

Meditation is the key to knowing our inner self, unburdening our hearts off the past griefs and investing a crystal clear thinking towards achieving our goals.

In a very easily decipherable and simple manner, the author has penned down effective ways to achieve the above stated things. Everything written is damn relatable. One can actually accompany the words simultaneously while reading it, even if its a first time read.

Its a common thinking that whatever we gain or loose is a direct impact of our past deeds, so why not improve our ‘karma’ for a fruitful future? This is exactly where ‘Designing Destiny’ intervenes and probides you ways to do this.

What else do we need, recognising one’s inner strength, abilities and needs has become way more important in recent times, amidst the competitive and rapidly developing world and this book indeed does that work.

Super happy to have read this book!

My Ratings : 5 🌟/5

You can buy this beautifully written book here !

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