Thrill and emotions packed high!

Book Review – What Mina Did by Geeta Menon ( Rupa Publications )

Disclaimer : A paperback copy was provided by Rupa Publications in exchange of an honest review.

Author(s): Geeta Menon

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Release: 2019
Genre: Fiction

Blurb :

1998. Twenty-two-year-old Mina is moving to the US from Bangalore to begin a new life with her husband. Then there’s a horrific murder and her life is turned upside down. Mina’s best friend Neelu helps her out of the abyss.
Mina gradually leaves her past behind and settles into a new life in the US. Years later, she is forced to return to India and is confronted by the demons from her past. In her fragile mental state, she is unable to support Neelu in her time of need.

Their friendship hits rock bottom. Mina goes back to the US and faces further hurdles, this time on the work front. She tries to make amends with Neelu, but their friendship ends with Neelu accusing Mina of something unimaginable
related to the murder.

Something, that deep down, Mina knows is true…

Will Mina redeem herself? Will the people she loves forgive her for what she did?

Alternating between flashbacks and the present day, What Mina Did explores how one betrayal can have catastrophic consequences, while delving into the complex bonds that link mothers and daughters, and best friends.

Review :

What Mina Did has been an amalgamation of many things. You are exposed to a murder scene, that too horrific and then the plot takes you through a roller coaster ride of strong emotions of friendship, betrayal, anxiety and family bondings.

The storyline is new and unique at the first place. You fail to decide what basically is the main theme of the book, is it murder mystery or friendship and emotions.

The writing style is commendable and so is the narration. Its quite easy to understand for regular readers. The mystery element was maintained very well, so kudos to the author for that.

Character development revolves around the two main characters l namely, Mina and Neelu. The cover is also well designed and makes the reader more cutious about the story.

Only thing I felt didnot compensate the story was the length. It could have been more concise and apt.

Overall, a nice read!

My Ratings : 4 🌟 /5

You can buy this amazing book here!

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