Book Review : My Day In Paradise by Prasanna

My Day In Paradise

Disclaimer : A paperback was provided in exchange of an honest review.

Blurb :

The descriptions in this book go back to a civilization of 3000 BC on Earth when the entire population on Earth was approximately nine hundred thousand only. Human beings were fully dependent on nature. There was no lust, anger, attachment, greed or ego at the time. Physically and mentally, all human beings were perfect. Violence, war, corruption, unfaithfulness, burglaries, etc. were unknown to people.
The birth or reproduction of living beings including humans, was not resultant from sexual activities. The death of human being was purely by wish. There was a total synchronisation between nature and living beings.In a Kingdom, there was no need for defence, home, commerce, or finance portfolios. The citizens of the country were pure, happy, blissful and physically the most powerful then. But the big questions were, was it possible to have reproduction without sex, taste in food without sugar or salt, live a life without medicines or electricity, live a life without any fear and together with all animals, live a life without religions, scientific inventions or machines?

Review :

My day in paradise encompasses an era of civilization which was way too backward from the modern world in terms of technology, but was extremely forward in terms of harmony living. It highlights that all the modern tech is not required for a peaceful world, but what matters is the love bond between every human being. The described civilization is completely free from modern sins and development, but yet is still more happier and peaceful than us.
The writing style is really smooth, and the story sails super fluently. The cover is really serene and gives an insight into the theme of the book. We all humans really need to strive harder in the way of achieving this peace in our lives.
Recommend for all.

My Ratings : 4 🌟 /5

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